Wilson v. Norris: A history of domestic violence

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The CBS42 News investigative team dug through court documents and learned that shooting victim Coral Wilson and the father of her eight children, and the man who killed her, Sedrick Norris had a long history of domestic violence dating back to over ten years.

According to court documents CBS42 found out that the first paternity dispute dates back to April 2003, then a few years later, Wilson and Norris wound up back in court with another paternity dispute in September of 2005.

The following year, Norris was arrested, according to court documents, on a contempt charge involving Coral Wilson, but the latest set of problems between the two began in February 2016.
Court documents show Coral Wilson was concerned for her safety and filed a petition for a restraining order in March.

That petition was filed on behalf of one of her children. court documents show in that petition that Norris, “pushed me over the table. (Child) was behind me and we both fell over in the process.” Wilson said in the statement.

Wilson was seeking to get the protective order against Norris so that he would not harass, stalk, or threaten her and her child.

At that point, Wilson got a temporary restraining order against Norris March 14th.

A hearing was then set for May 4th, just last week in family court.

A judge signed off on a protection order and it was filed against Norris, just this week – on Monday.

While don’t know all the circumstances surrounding their relationship and this deadly incident, the court documents we’ve found show that this latest effort to keep Norris away could be what led to the fatal shooting Wednesday night.

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