Apparent shrapnel round found in Anniston creek

ANNISTON, ALA. (WIAT) — An object that appears to be a 75mm Shrapnel Round was found in Cane Creek in Anniston on Tuesday.

Jeff Hines, who lives in the area said he was walking in the creek when he saw it in the water.

“I talked to one of my bosses and he said you need to report it so I did,” said Hines.

Matrix Environmental Services said it appears to be a 75 mm Shrapnel round that could date back to World War I.  It was found in an area where many kids come out to play.

“Any kid could stumble upon this. They come out for field trips looking for rocks and looking for crawfish, salamanders to learn about wildlife and nature, so if you find something you need to report it,” said Hines.

At this time is unclear how the object got there.

The scene was cleared around five O’Clock after an EOD Team from Ft. Benning worked to remove the object.

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