Homewood apartment complex with alleged mold, maintenance issues accused of evicting residents who speak out

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — A former tenant of a Homewood apartment complex is sharing her horror story with CBS 42.

Sophia Ramsey and her attorney, Tyrell Jordan, saw a CBS 42 report from May about neglected maintenance and sanitation issues at The Overlook at Homewood Apartments.

Since that report aired, residents interviewed in the story say there has been an increase in maintenance crews on the grounds, and many of the issues in their homes have been fixed.

But according to Ramsey, problems at The Overlook might not be easy to patch up.

Ramsey lived at The Overlook from 2012-2015.

She said her problems began with a few suspicious spots around her apartment, which maintenance would clean for her.

Ramsey said the spots would come back, and spread. She and her children eventually started feeling sick, she said.

“I started having to go to the hospital because I couldn’t stop vomiting,” Ramsey said. “My son and I would choke all day.”

Ramsey said doctors could not figure out what was causing her illness.

She then hired inspectors from Mold and Mildew Solutions, LLC to examine her apartment.

The inspector’s report revealed a presence of Stachybotrys, also known as black mold, in parts of her apartment.

The report suggested a long list of repairs to be made to the inside and outside of the home to make it less susceptible to mold.

“It really needs to be fixed. It’s not suitable for people to be living there,” Ramsey said.

After the inspectors came, Ramsey was evicted.

Ramsey admits that she did not always pay her rent on time, but the eviction action was eventually dismissed in court.

Ramsey has since filed suit against The Overlook and its management company, CLK Multifamily, LLC. Ramsey and Jordan believe she was evicted in a retaliatory manner, directly related to having the inspector visit her home.

“I’d encourage anybody else there who has similar questions to be likewise diligent and likewise proactive in seeking out professions who can help them in doing an investigation of their own circumstances,” Jordan said. “Hopefully they won’t find themselves at the end of the day facing an eviction action.”

Britton Monroe, the attorney representing The Overlook in Ramsey’s lawsuit, said the company can’t comment on pending litigation.

“We believe in the end that The Overlook Apartments will be fully vindicated of Mrs. Ramsey’s claims,” Monroe said.

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