Lee Janzen visits Birmingham’s PGA Tour Superstore

INVERNESS, Ala. (WIAT) — Two-time major winner, Lee Janzen, visited the PGA Tour Superstore on May 17.  Janzen signed autographs and answered questions for dozens of fans. After the final pictures were captured, and the cap put back on his autograph-signing Sharpie, Janzen took a few minutes to talk exclusively with CBS 42.

“It took me forever to learn (certain skills) and I’m a professional,” Janzen said. He explained that this is why it is so important for amateurs to practice skills that are going to make them better. “Technology is a big benefit to learning how to play better golf,” said Janzen.

Some of the best technology features at the PGA Tour Superstore are the Custom Club Fitting booths.

“When you can be put on a monitor and it can tell you a lot of numbers (about your swing), there are so many adjustments you can make to your clubs,” Janzen said. “You can move weights around to get the right launch angle and center of gravity in the head. Instead of adjusting your swing to the driver, you adjust the driver to your swing.”

When you visit the PGA Tour Superstore, you do not have to be a professional to receive professional treatment. Book a lesson at the PGA Tour Superstore today.

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