Recent poll ranks ‘rudest holidays’ to get married on

Robert Kirker puts a wedding ring, lost for 30 years, on his wife Ofelia's hand at their home in Las Cruces, N.M., May 27, 2015. It's been decades since Ofelia Kirker lost her wedding rings, but she'll be wearing the treasured jewelry for her 64th wedding anniversary. The rings were unearthed in a yard there years ago and have finally made their way back to her thanks to an observant yard worker, one woman's sharp memory and her daughter's persistence. (Jett Lowe/Las Cruces Sun-News via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) It’s wedding season, and many people are preparing for their special day.

Is there a right and wrong time to have your ceremony? According to one publication, yes.

USA Today recently took a look at eight holidays and ranked them from “totally fine” to the “absolutely rudest” days to have a wedding.

Ranked as totally fine — Columbus Day.

Pollsters say, feel free to tie the knot on Presidents’ Day, but don’t expect a joyful response if you get hitched on Christmas which was ranked as the absolute rudest.

The reason — the writer suggests that very few people will show up to your wedding and the ones who do will resent you and give lousy gifts.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Fourth of July ranked as the top three most rude.

To find out where the other holidays ranked, click here >> 

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