Tracking a Predator: Lionel Lopez

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a sex offender that never registered with their office.

CBS 42 News and the sheriff’s office are partnering to track down missing sex offenders in our community.

Lionel Lopez, 50, was convicted of Attempted Sexual Abuse of a Child Under 12 in Dekalb County in 2013. He was in prison and released in May. He told deputies he was homeless in Homewood.

Jefferson County deputies tried several times to verify the homeless address that Lopez told them, but failed to find him. Lopez hasn’t contacted the sheriff’s office Sex Offender Unit.

There’s a warrant for Lopez’s arrest for failing to register as a sex offender.

“You know, if you’re homeless, what else do you have to do?” Sheriff Mike Hale asked.

“You can remember to check in with us, but they dont. Homeless is a red flag for us and we pay particular attention to that. It never ends well for the sex offender.”

Deputies believe that Lopez is still in Central Jefferson County. If you see him, or know where he is, call the Jefferson County Sexual Predator Hotline at 205-325-4779.

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