Five-year-old girl recovering after shark attack

GALVESTON, TX. (WIAT) — A five-year-old Texas girl is recovering after being bitten by a shark on Galveston Beach Tuesday evening.

According to beach patrol, the girl, her brother and her father were on their way back to shore when the shark attacked.

“The father heard the daughter scream, she was in knee-deep water, his knee-deep water,” said Peter Davis of the Galveston Beach Patrol. “She was in a little ring tube, and he looked over and saw the white under belly of a shark, said it was about the same size as her, 3-4 feet.”

The father pulled his daughter from the shark and got her to shore, when a good samaritan stepped in and used a dog leash to tie a tourniquet around her leg before paramedics arrived.

The girl is expected to be fine.

To avoid encounters with sharks if you’re heading to the Alabama’s Gulf Coast, experts advise against swimming at dusk, dawn or night. They also caution beachgoers to stay away from rip currents and jetties, as well as schooling fish, which the family in Texas say that they noticed in the water.


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