Tuscaloosa County Sheriff warning about car break ins

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff is sending out a warning to residents about vehicle break ins.

Sheriff Ron Abernathy says during the summer months his office typically sees a spike in car burglary cases.

“If anybody sees any vehicles that look suspicious, please let us know. Again keep your vehicles locked, those are primarily the ones hit. Typically people will come into a subdivision and run down and check each door. And if it’s unlocked, they will go in and try to find what of valuable may be there” Abernathy said.

According to the sheriff, criminals have already been busy in the Hillcrest area of Tuscaloosa County off Highway 69 in several subdivisions. Abernathy tells CBS 42 since May 1, the Sheriff’s office has already investigated 41 vehicle break ins. That is up 44 percent in this part of Tuscaloosa County.

“So we want to take this opportunity to stress the importance of everybody locking their car doors up at night and making sure they take the valuables inside. Anything like: weapons, cash anything that can be seen from a window that will make someone potentially want to break in.”

Sheriff Abernathy calls his summer warning “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it.” He is urging county residents to play it smart and to not leave valuables in your car at night, like GPS devices, iPads and other electronics and other valuables.

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