Vestavia Hills teen quickly becoming a YouTube sensation

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — The world of YouTube channels are continuing to grow and the bloggers themselves are becoming sensations. YouTubers are releasing entertaining videos daily for their fans, some as their full time job. The videos that go viral receive millions of views from viewers all over the world.

One vlog (video blog) is run by a young teen who lives right here in Vestavia Hills. Elizabeth Baker goes to Vestavia Hills High. In addition to her school demands, she releases entertaining videos nearly every day now on her channel, Absurd Elizabeth. The popular YouTuber has fans from all over the world now. ‘Is My House Haunted?‘ remains her most viewed video pulling in 23,969 views!

”I just think of weird video ideas and write them down in my phone, and when I sit down to film, I go through and pick something that I feel like filming,” Elizabeth Baker said. There’s no real method to the madness for the rising sensation, but her fans love the outcome!

YouTubers all over the world are accrediting the web page for all the opportunities it’s providing them. “It’s helped me make more friends online,” Baker said. One friend she will finally meet for the first time in person in just a couple weeks.

Thousands will gather in Anaheim, California for the annual VidCon Conference 2016. Baker said “Over 20,000 attend and everyone who’s really involved with YouTube goes,” and she is one of them! Not only will the local teen be attending the conference, but she was given a 15-minute musical performance slot during the open mic session at the conference. Not to mention, she’s closing out the show! One of her fan favorite cover videos is Love Yourself by Justin Bieber, click here to watch.

VidCon is open to the public as well. You can purchase tickets here.

CBS 42 is keep track of the rising YouTube star, so stay tuned for more from “Absurd Elizabeth!”


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