Cullman County family says lightning struck home

CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A Cullman County family is picking up the pieces after lightning struck their home, causing damage Tuesday morning.

Brenda and Danny Gann were in their living room when they saw a big flash.

“The lightning was unreal, it was unreal,” said Brenda Gann.

Brenda was on one of the couches in the living room.

“It threw me off it was like a jolt, and I was on the floor,” said Gann.

Danny was on another couch.

“It jarred everything in this house. It knocked pictures off the wall, it was a scary situation,” said Danny Gann.

This isn’t the only tough situation Danny has gone through. He has lost a leg, he’s legally blind, and had a kidney transplant.

“Things haven’t been going well with us,” said Gann.

Their daughter, Michelle, was her in room and was thrown off the bed.

“All I was worried about was getting to my living room to them so I hopped up and swung everything off me and the house was filled with smoke. All I could was think about getting my daddy out this house,” said Michelle Gann.

The Gann family does not have any insurance, but they say they are glad they have each other and no one was hurt. They have a message about lightning.

“If you hear lightning take it serious and try to get to a safe place,” said Brenda Gann.

An electrician will be sent out to look at the extensive damage.

‘We are at the mercy of the Lord good Lord, waiting to see if they can get it fixed,” she said.

The Gann family said they are unable to stay in the home for now because of safety concerns. They are currently staying with family member.

The family has sent up a GoFundMe:

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