Police: Birmingham man lied about yard work stabbing to protect daughter

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham police say a man who died after telling police he was doing yard work when he was robbed and stabbed by three men was actually stabbed by his daughter.

Police say the stabbing stemmed from a domestic altercation involving the victim 69-year-old Eddie Townsend, his wife and two daughters at their Birmingham home on Graymont Ave.

“Apparently, after the daughters arrived at the residence they attempted to restrain the victim who had a knife in his hands,” Lt. Sean Edwards said. “At that time, one of the daughters stabbed the victim according to witnesses.”

Townsend succumbed from his injuries June 3. He was stabbed May 6.

“The detectives did an outstanding job in this case,” Edwards said. “Their attention to detail proved to be extremely valuable.”

No charges will be filed against the daughter, as the district attorney says the stabbing will be ruled justifiable.

Originally police were told Townsend was stabbed by three black men who approached him while doing yard work and demanded money. Police said Townsend threw up his hands and told them he had nothing, then the men went through his pockets and one of them stabbed him three times in the abdomen.

“Unfortunately, bad information can cause unnecessary concern in our communities,” Edwards said. “Our citizens thought the victim was killed by strangers but it was actually family related.”

You can read our original reports here and here and watch the original video report from June below:


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