Vestavia Hills residents get message out after rash of trailer thefts

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — Owen Harris has been busy lately.

When he’s not working construction – he’s re-building this house he just bought for his family in Vestavia Hills.

“I usually work from 6 in the morning till about 8 at night, and then from 8 at night till 2 in the morning I work on the house,” Harris said. “I left like I usually do at about 2 a.m. Then the next morning, my trailer’s gone.”

Harris called police – then took his search online.

“Facebook, craigslist, everywhere,” Harris said. “I’ve had 10-12 people say in the last month that someone has stolen their trailer.”

One of those people happened to be Harris’ neighbor. Both residents of that neighborhood even took measures against the rash of crimes.

“[The trailer] had a lock on it,” Harris said. “And the guy’s down the road had a lock on it.”

The guy down the road had more than just a lock, he also had another measure: security cameras.

Now, Harris is showing these images anywhere he can.

“I just hope he gets caught and justice gets served,” Harris said. “I know I’m probably not getting my trailer back, but I hope he goes to jail”

If the man or the truck in those images we showed you look familiar – call Vestavia Police at 978-0140.


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