Woman says mirror started car on fire

SEYMOUR, Wis. (WBAY) – A Seymour woman says her car started on fire last week because of a mirror sitting in her backseat.

“I was just shocked, I had never heard of anything like that happening before,” said Lucy DeLeeuw. She was shopping in Appleton last Friday, when she left a store, found smoke inside of her car and the ceiling burning.

She put the fire out, but now there are several burn marks.

“I looked down and there was that mirror. I had bought a mirror a couple days before,” said DeLeeuw, who says it was warm and sunny the day the fire started.

Seymour’s Assistant Fire Chief says he hasn’t heard of a mirror starting a fire, but says it’s possible especially with what cars are made of nowadays. “A lot of that material is oil-based or petroleum-based so it burns much hotter, starts much easier and the fire spread is much more rapid,” said Steven Hurkman.

The National Fire Protection Association says it doesn’t have any statistics or research on fires that are caused by mirrors, but if you do a quick online search you’ll find it has happened.

DeLeeuw is thankful the damage wasn’t worse and wants this story to remind people of how hot it can get on the other side of the glass.

“It scared me. It really scared me.” said DeLeeuw

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