Legendary singer Tito Jackson sits down with CBS 42 in an all-new interview

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — Many associate “The Jacksons” with being a music family, and brother Tito is no exception. Jackson was recently in Birmingham to promote his new song, “Get It, Baby” and he sat down with the CBS 42 news team for an all-new interview.

One of the things he talked about was his new song–and what inspired it. He says family had a big impact on his decision to make a new album and come to Birmingham to promote it. “I’ve never recorded an album, and there are 9 family members in my family–9 siblings, and they’ve all recorded. Even my children have recorded music. And, I was becoming a trivia question,” Jackson said.

Another key topic he talked about in the interview was his decision to do a solo project, even when many associate him as being a part of the iconic “The Jackson 5.” He says this new project gives him an opportunity to “shine” and make a different name for himself. “It’s just that my name was never ‘Tito Jackson did this.’ it was just always ‘The Jacksons.’ So I got a chance to shine now.”


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