Local teen killed in crash is immortalized in video game

COKER, Ala. (CBS 42) – A Coker teen, killed in an October car crash, will now live on in a popular video game.  Jared Gresham’s family tells CBS 42 that the18 year-old had ordered the action role-playing game, Fallout 4, but that he died before he was able to play.  He was killed on his way home from dropping his brother off at school on a dangerous intersection at Highway 82 and Sam Sutton Road in Tuscaloosa County.

Coker’s close friend, Jon Cavalho, knew how much Gresham had been looking forward to playing the game.  He created a Twitter account and reached out to the people behind Fallout 4.  He was shocked by how quickly they got back in touch with him.  “I had no idea that he was going to become a character,” Cavalho said.

Cavalho stayed in contact with one of the game’s creators on Twitter through the month of May.  Then, while playing the game, Cavalho came across a character named Jared Gresham.  He and all of Jared’s friends–known affectionately as “The Entourage”–went over to Jared’s family’s home to surprise them with the news.

“We were just so surprised that a big, important company…would do something for just a little, small town boy that liked to play video games,” said Karen Gresham, Jared’s mother.

Jared Gresham appears in Fallout 4’s downloadable expansion, Far Harbor.  In the game, Gresham is a long shore fisherman, who is being attacked by creatures known as Gulpers.  If a player is able to rescue Jared, they are rewarded with the game’s currency and are also able to ask him one question.  Jared then boards a boat and disappears into the mist.

CBS 42 asked Jared’s family what question they would ask Jared’s character.  “Something you need to understand about Jared,” started Jonah, Jared’s brother, “Jared had sage advise.  Ask any of his friends.  He was always a good person to talk to, even if he just listened.”

Jared’s family and friends said they hope his appearance in the video game will honor his memory and also remind people to be more cautious on the stretch of road where he was killed.  “The entire intention was to have my best friend immortalized in the game that he loved so much,” said Cavalho.  “In a game that I love so much.  I can go on there and play anytime and still…be able to talk to him.”



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