Calhoun County bingo hall shut down over non valid permits

CALHOUN COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) – UPDATE: The Big Hit Bingo hall was shut down Friday night just hours after it opened. That’s according to the operator.

The Calhoun County Sheriff, Larry Amerson, says it is because the bingo hall was being run illegally by not having valid permits.

According to the sheriff, the operator didn’t follow certain laws when meeting with the bingo commission. He says there was no open quorum meeting for the bingo hall.

In an open quorum meeting there must be a certain number of members present, from one group, in order for any decisions made at that meeting to be valid.

The sheriff says the business also did not follow the open meeting law. That requires advertising a meeting before it takes place.

Amerson says Big Hit Bingo was able to get a permit by submitting the revoked permit as valid to the city of Southside. He says Southside acted on it in good faith thinking the permit was valid.

At this time there no criminal charges have been filed.

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