Rescue crews complete dive training

LEEDS, Ala. (WIAT) — Local fire departments take to the water for some intense training. It helps prepare crews for water rescues.

A “victim” is put in a vehicle and pushed off a high wall at a quarry to recreate a scenario where a dive training and technical rescue team would be needed. The dive team starts it off by doing reconnaissance to find the body, marking it, and showing the next team where to go to recover the body.

The technical rescue team can rappel down with a basket to load the body in and bring it to the top. The technical team also carries body bags and evidence containers.

Recreating the scene is important because it gives divers and teams a chance to learn how to handle elements they’ll face in real scenarios, like trees, fishing line, or murky water that you can’t see through easily. The environment is only somewhat controlled to give them a sense of what it’s like to have curveballs during rescue or recovery missions.

Teams say the training is good because they can learn to be self-sufficient when things happen in their city. It also helps residents feel better knowing services they pay for cover rescues like this.

Leeds, Pell City, Talladega, and Moody fire and police departments took part in the training exercises.

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