Band campers gear up for the school year despite the heat

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — About 400 students hit the field on Homewood High School for day two of band camp on Tuesday, despite the heat.

Band directors have had to make some necessary adjustments in order to keep everyone safe in the heat.

Campers are taking breaks every 15 minutes and drinking plenty of water and practice is broken up throughout the day so students can avoid the extreme heat.

“It’s going to be there, I’ve accepted it once you put on the uniform, it gets even worse but it’s just how it is,” said Maryanne Powell, a drum major.

The team is also making preparations to keep everyone safe come game day.

“We make a lot of preparations in terms of keeping them hydrated. We have fans, we put in the stands we have water bottles, spray bottles and keep them drenched and a lot of water,” said Ron Pence, the Homewood band director.

Right now, practice is spilt up into a morning session and later afternoon session.

Band members will practice through Thursday, next week they’ll switch to evening practices.

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