Cracked Northport levee in need of repair

NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT) — A popular walking trail on the levee in the city of Northport is in bad shape and will soon get some repair work.

LEVEE2Mayor Bobby Herndon says a portion of the Robert L. Platt Memorial Levee Trail in Northport is cracked due to a flaw. Four years ago, the city noticed a crack in the levee on the north side of Rice Mine Road. Herndon it is a concern.

“There is lot of walking trails on top of it and if the crack continues to get wider or sinks or continues to shift, it could be dangerous to people walking. Eventually over the course of time it could have an effect on other parts of the levee,” Herndon said.

The Corp of Engineers came out and inspected the levee and told the city there was no emergency situation or threat but its a problem that needs to be repaired. Mayor Herndon says the city has acquired property to move the levee over thirty feet to resolve the situation.

The Levee was built in 1996. Herndon says it will cost $1.4 million dollars to repair the Levee. The federal government is paying a portion and the city will pay a half million dollars for the project. Work could begin in 90 days.

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