4 ways to enjoy watermelon on National Watermelon Day


(WIAT) — Wednesday, Aug. 3 is National Watermelon Day, for all you fans of the popular fruit.

The month of August is peak growing season for watermelons. Florida, Georgia and California are the biggest watermelon producers in the U.S. Worldwide, it’s China–producing more than 70 million tons of watermelon per year.

So, how are you planning to participate in the celebration of the refreshing fruit? Here are four different ideas–try one or try them all!

  1. Au naturel: The tried and true way to eat watermelon is of course, cutting it into slices in the backyard with friends and family. I don’t know about you, but my family loves to put salt on our watermelon slices, and we use a butter knife to make it a little less messy to eat. (P.S.– Kids, don’t believe your grandpa when he tells you a watermelon is growing in your tummy because you accidentally swallowed a seed. I promise, it’s not…because I tried it).
  2. In a dish: I’m no cook, so I can’t vouch for any of the recipes, but according to Google, watermelon salad is a popular way to enjoy the fruit. Here are a couple top rated recipes: Watermelon salad with Feta and Mint from Food & Wine, Refreshing Cucumber and Watermelon salad from Allrecipes
  3. In a glass: Watermelon is 92 percent water, and it definitely makes a tasty drink! If  you’re looking to enjoy it with the whole family, check out this recipe for Watermelon Cooler Slushes. If your watermelon celebration is 21+, watermelon pairs nicely with all the fun summer adult beverages, from margaritas to martinis to mojitos. 
  4. Frozen, on a stick: watermelon and kiwi popsicles! (and these aren’t your average watermelon popsicle–they are adorable!) It’s hot outside. Watermelon is known to be refreshing, but these precious popsicles definitely kick up the coooool factor a few notches!

Are you planning to sit down with the family and cut open a refreshing watermelon this afternoon or evening? Or will you be whipping up a watermelon salad or freezing some super chill popsicles? Send us photos to reportit@wiat.com of you and your friends and family eating watermelon today. and you might see them on air or online!

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