School bus safety in Shelby County

Courtesy: Shutterstock

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Summer is winding down and children are gearing up for the upcoming school year. While students prepare, school administrators are making sure kids get to and from school safely.

When those stop arms go out, making sure bus drivers take notice is a priority.

Shelby County schools have a fleet of 290 school buses. Of those, about 115 have stop arm cameras on them, which are cameras that can catch drivers who illegally pass them.

According to an Department of Education survey last year, there were 1,631 illegal passing’s of school buses in the state.

Right now, bus drivers who spot someone trying to pass with the stop arm down have to record the time and call it in. That is when the sheriff’s department gets involved, so it is a lengthy process.

Thanks to a new law, school systems statewide now have the option to let a third party install stop arm cameras on their buses.

Although Shelby County is already ahead, the new law would take out the extra steps. Shelby County is looking into its options, figuring out if or when it’ll move to the new automated system.

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