After string of violence, activists vow to reclaim their community

File photo of police tape. (CBS42/Kerry Robinson)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Tuesday was a violent one for Birmingham after a string of shootings happened within an hour – including one that left a man dead.

CBS42 News receives countless news releases of homicides and shootings but they don’t tell the story of people in the community trying to fight gun violence, like Donteria Richardson, a mother of three sons.

Richardson is taking action as she vowed to fight for black men and fight to take back her community in order to stop black on black violence.

“When there is such a low price on life, we have to value ourselves,” she said.

Tuesday’s violent shooting rampage left a lot of people stunned – this includes a shooting of man who drove himself to a gas station for help.

“I couldn’t really see his face, don’t know his family, but I’m quite sure his family is grieving,” recalled Melisa Hickmen about a shooting that left a 21 year old man dead less than a mile where the first shooting happened.

“I am just so tired of all this black on black violence in our neighborhood,” Hickmen continued.

“The problem in our community is if we don’t value us, who else is going to value us, there is a issue with conflict resolution,” Richardson said.

“This situation didn’t happen overnight and it can’t be fixed overnight we’ve got to stop putting band aids on a problem that’s going to take major surgery, right now our community is in ICU.”

With our streets in dyer need of hope, less violence and more love, Richardson has message for the black men of her city, “I love you, and we black women, we need you, and if you want us to follow you, well give us something worth following.”

In partnership with other organizations, Richardson helped organize “100 Black Men Deep Walks,” and the end of these walks they have a town hall with the community.

Their next one is on Sunday, September 4th in Fairfield at 7:45 a.m.

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