Bentley: Lottery is ‘life or death’ for Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Governor Robert Bentley boiled the idea of a state lottery down to this: life or death. The governor toured Children’s Hospital in Birmingham Wednesday morning.

After the tour, Bentley called for state lawmakers to weigh their moral issues with a lottery against the cuts in Medicaid which he believes could cost lives.

“Which is the most immoral? Buying five lottery tickets with money you earned or allowing a child die? I don’t think there’s any choice there,” Bentley said. He believes a lottery is the last choice the state has to fix its money issues.

“We’re playing with time,” State Senator Jabo Waggoner said. He believes the governor’s lottery plan won’t have enough time to get passed during the special session.

“In my opinion, my educated opinion, I think the bill is in trouble because of the time element and because of the controversy,” Waggoner said. Several lawmakers were in Mountain Brook Wednesday morning. They all expressed concerns about the details surrounding lottery proposals.

The special session is scheduled to start on Monday August 15th. Governor Bentley is expected to release the details of the session in the next few days.

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