Ashley’s Mom Monday: Finding nutritious snacks that won’t break the bank

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — This week, I take you shopping as we hear from nutrition expert Adam Rosante on how easy it is to fill your shopping cart with foods that taste great, are good for your body and won’t bankrupt you.

“I think it’s just in knowing a few key principles. The tenants of great nutrition are the same for children as they are for adults,” Rosante said. “You want lean proteins and clean veggies and then some healthy carbohydrates. So, a really great snack for kids that don’t break the bank is some baby carrots and a little thing of Greek yogurt. Put some honey in it if you want to sweeten it a little. Sweeten things with whole fruit. Get away from heavily packaged snacks. I’m a huge fan of a piece of fruit and some nuts. An apple and a handful of almonds. It’s also easy grab and go.”

Getting kids involved in shopping also gets them excited about eating healthy because if they get a hand in picking it out, then they’ll be more apt to it when they get home.

A good tip given by Rosante is that anything with more than five ingredients, put it back on the shelf and walk away. You want to stick to things that are as single ingredient as possible. Think avocado, carrot, spinach, kale, egg, fish, beef- get used to reading the labels. If you can pronounce it and you know what it means, there is a chance it’s not terrible for you and it’s great for your kid.

“One thing that I find simplifies parent’s lives is if you can double down on dinner and use them for leftovers the next day,” Rosante said.

So, if you’ve made something like a chicken stir fry or maybe you had a beef taco the night before, you can parse that out, package it up together in a little zip lock container and throw an ice pack in the bag and it will be ready through lunch.

If you have an understanding on how to eat well, then you can go into any environment armed with an arsenal of knowledge and make good choices. I was able to get about 2 weeks’ worth of healthy food that I can use for snacks and meals for our entire family for less than $50.

That is your food for thought on this Monday! I want to hear from you, let me know easy healthy snack ideas and I will share them at Send me an email,

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