Tracking a Predator: Deputies looking for convicted kidnapper, sex offender

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Jefferson County deputies are looking for a man convicted of kidnapping. 58-year-old Jimmy Garrett was released from prison in July as a sex offender.

He registered an address on McCormick Ave in Birmingham — but was told he could not live there based on his status.

Deputies say they gave Garrett time to re-register with a different address, but he failed to do so.

“A lot of time these guys move and shake around and don’t want to be totally honest with us we give them 7 days to provide us a compliant address,” Sheriff Mike Hale said. “They sign for that and once they sign for that what we say is we don’t believe they are going to be stating there and they better be back in 7 days or there’s going to be another felony charge.”

Deputies believe Garrett is in the Roebuck area. If you see him, call the Jefferson County sexual predator hotline at 325-4779.

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