Tuscaloosa man reportedly beat up by 3 men who repeatedly asked if he was gay

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — “Despite the fact that my face was gushing blood and I was sitting on the pavement and the assailant was right there next to us, police said they could not make an arrest at that point,” said Johnny Bishop, who was attacked outside the Green Bar last Friday.

Bishop left the Green Bar with his friend Katherine Snider and that’s when he said two men stopped and asked him twice–was he gay.

He responded, “why are you talking to me,” and then said, “so what if I was?”

One of the men responded and said, “What would your mother say if I told her you were gay?”

In that same moment, that’s when the other man allegedly attacked him from behind.

“I was holding him down on the ground and was hoping this whole thing was over at this point when the other assailant came at me, blind sided me yet again from the other side hitting me twice in the face,” Bishop said.

Bishop was walking with his friend Katherine, who goes by the name “Kat.” She said she was thrown to the ground by one of the men as she tried to help–especially after a third man joined in the attack.

“He was bleeding so badly, I’m not sure where the third guy was, at about that time they drove out of here in the SUV with the girl driving, she had the window down and was kind of smirking,” said Snider.

Police showed up shortly after the incident as Johnny’s face bled profusely. One of the men stayed at the location, but Bishop told us police didn’t arrest him because they say they didn’t see the assault.

That’s when Johnny frustratedly shouted at his attacker, “You need to get rid of the hate in your life, I yelled that loudly – at which point the officer did threaten to arrest me for disorderly conduct, which I found very unbelievable also,” he said.

For Johnny and Kat, Tuscaloosa is home, but they said their back yard is littered with those who wear hatred as a badge.

“This is extremely traumatic, I’m scared to go to my favorite bar now, I’m scared to go to any bar in Tuscaloosa now,” Snider said.

“Whatever it is, when you are just looking for things to hate about people, you’re never going to get anywhere, literally nowhere,” said Bishop.

Johnny Bishop has been working with Tuscaloosa investigators who obtained an arrest warrant Thursday evening for one of those suspects who attacked him.

UPDATE AUG. 19, 2016: Tuscaloosa Police say a suspect was arrested Friday in connection to the assault. They say investigators are trying to identify others involved in the incident.

41-year-old Charles Wayne Childers of Tuscaloosa was arrested on an assault in the 3rd charge and held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on $1,000 bond.

Charles Wayne Childers. Course: Tuscaloosa PD
Charles Wayne Childers. Course: Tuscaloosa PD

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