Big Sister and Big Brother program makes huge impact

(WFRN) — They aren’t related, but, big sister Carolyn and little sister Tama spend times together just like family.

The two were paired up through Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Northwest Florida.

The organization teams community volunteers with at-risk youth.

“Disney on ice, the zoo, I never was a beach person, now I am, we skate, well she skates and I watch,” says Big Sister Carolyn Nero.

But it’s about more than just outings, the program helps instill some important life skills.

“It’s a rewarding experience, an opportunity to help someone be better, and I’m just building off the foundation that her mother has already established,” says Nero.

Little sister Tamar describes the experience in just a few words.

“It’s fun and at the same time, it’s loving,” says 5th grader Tamar.

Tamar says spending time with Carolyn has helped her deal with problems.

“Bullies at school that were rude to me, she would help me figure it out,” says Tamar.

Carolyn’s dedication helped her earn the “Big of the Year” award for big brothers, big sisters of Northwest Florida.

“I have only been matched with Tamar for two years, and in my mind I am thinking there are more people who have done bigger and greater things with their little, so it was a humbling experience,” says Nero.

Carolyn and Tamar both agree, the most important thing is for them to spend time together.

“It really brings out the young in you,” says Tamar.

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