Birmingham Red Cross volunteers training to go help in Baton Rouge

BIRMINGHAM, ALA. (WIAT) — This Saturday, more than a dozen volunteers went through a training at the American Red Cross in Birmingham which will allow them to help the victims in Louisiana.

13 people have died so far, and thousands are without a home. The new volunteers have been certified as Red Cross volunteers in order to go down and help.

The volunteers took a four hour training class where they started learning everything they need to know about working in a shelter. Some of the volunteers plan to head to Baton Rouge where they will stay up to two weeks providing assistance.

“You get people coming into the shelter that only have the clothes on their back,” said Joe Simms with American Red Cross. “They have nothing else, they have lost everything. They have lost their home, lost all their personal items in the home, they have lost cars, some have even lost family members. You have to deal with a lot of sadness, and you have to try to get them back up on their feet.”

Volunteers who plan on helping in Baton Rouge could be deployed within the next couple weeks.

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