UAB Football returns to the field in Green/Gold game

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — “Man, today it’s about passion for UAB,” said Timothy Alexander, a UAB Football alum.

As students returned to school Monday, the band, the cheerleaders and fans came in a good numbers as the UAB football team returned to the field…against themselves, in their “Green & Gold” scrimmage.

They played in front of a packed crowd at the school’s soccer field, as if it was an actual game day.

The program was brought back last year after it was shut down in December of 2014 and early Monday they broke ground on a new football operations facility, another great sign that UAB Football is back.

Head football coach Bill Clark led his Blazers back on the field for their scrimmage – just last year, the field was a place some students and alums weren’t so sure the team would ever be.

“A year ago in all honesty I was just believing in the ever faithful and the ever loyal,” Alexander said. “I believed in UAB, I believed in the fans and they said we’ll be back, so I believed in them wholeheartedly.”

“This is super special because it’s pretty much the only taste of football we get all year – so we’ve got to make it count,” said UAB senior student, Jordan Timothy.

Although the Green & Gold game or any other they play this year wont count, Blazer nation feels like they have all the right pieces heading into next year.

“The beautiful thing is when December comes, we’re on the same level as everyone else, so we’re going to sit back and watch, focus on academics, get bigger, get faster and get excellent for UAB,” Alexander said.

UAB’s football program has the number one recruiting class in their school’s history, raised over $40 million dollars since last year and there’s even buzz about trying to get a stadium built in 2019.




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