Birthday memorial for unsolved Bessemer murder victim Trenton Way

BESSEMER, Ala (WIAT) – Today would have been Trenton Way’s 28th birthday. Instead of a party, his family hosted a memorial service at his grave site.

“Every chance we get, we get around each other and just talk about him,” explained his sister, Brittany Marshall. “We reminisce on all the good times that we had.”

They sent 28 orange and blue balloons into the air while singing, “Happy Birthday.” Family members and the family’s pastor spoke and held large photos of Way. “He was a lovable person,” said Marshall. “You couldn’t help but love him. He was just like a big old teddy bear.”

Way was killed while on the job back in December by an unknown gunman at the Kangaroo gas station in Bessemer where he worked. Although surveillance images have been released from that night–no one has been charged with the crime. “We have some persons of interest that we have interviewed,” said Detective Sgt. Cortice Miles, “but there’s always somebody that may have seen something that won’t come forward, and that’s what we’re hoping. Somebody that will step forward and see this video again and say, hey, you know, I knew something then–but now is the time to say something

Way’s family and friends are still holding onto hope that they will get justice in the former of a conviction. “We’re just still praying and hoping that someone comes forward,” said Marshall. “So we’re just trying to keep him alive.”

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