Rachel on the Road: Mama Goldbergs

AUBURN, Ala. (WIAT) — Football season has officially begun! Alabama and Auburn fans will soon flood the towns and pack the stadiums. This Saturday, Auburn is kicking off it’s first home game, so if you are heading to the plains, we’ve got a restaurant you may want to pick up before or after the game.

Momma Goldberg’s is an institution in Auburn. The old school deli has been up and running at the corner of Magnolia Avenue and Donahue Drive since 1976. The business saw so much success at that original location, owners decided to franchise the deli and open it’s first franchised location here in Homewood! Now, there are 20 spots scattered across the state, three of which are in Auburn.

The Momma’s Love and famous nachos were recently ranked in the top 50 dishes you must try in the state. The sandwich contains roast beef, ham, hickory smoked turkey breast with muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, special sauce, served on a seeded hoagie bun! The nachos are nacho cheese Doritos, jalapenos, smothered in pepper jack cheese.

We got in the kitchen with the Homewood Mama G’s owner and asked what makes these two items so special. “The steamer is the secret weapon. You can go home and try it in the oven, stove, I’ve even tried a grill before. It just doesn’t work,” Scott Dean said.

Fun fact about the sandwich so many college students get during their time on the plains… The Momma’s Love received it’s name from the creator of Mama G’s because he wanted students to feel comforted “by their momma” while away at school!

For a link to all the locations in Auburn and around the state, click here.

Next week, the Crimson Tide are returning to Tuscaloosa for their first home game, and so are we! Don’t miss Rachel on the Road in T-town next Friday.

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