Ashley’s Mom Monday: the importance of flu shots

(WIAT) — Flu season is almost here and Ashley has what you need to know to protect your family!

First and foremost, you will want to start getting this shot sooner than later. As Dr. Stewart says, you must protect the entire herd, your whole family.

“You don’t want to wait until the flu season starts, so you want to start getting them now,” Dr. Stewart said.

Everyone is susceptible to the flu, but children can often have symptoms that are worse than grownups, that is why it is so important that your kids get the flu shot too.

“Children are very vulnerable because they get sicker, they run higher fevers, they are out of school and they are in school, so they transmit the flu bug before they really realize that they have the flu, so it’s more of a contagious situation,” Dr. Stewart said. “The flu symptoms include fever, runny nose and cough. The first attention of this should be to go for the symptoms. There is a drug that is available to treat the flu, but it must be given within the 72 hours of symptoms beginning.”

A common myth is that you get the flu from the flu shot, when in reality, you may get the flu from a less common strain that is not in the vaccination.

“The formation of the flu vaccine of each year is made up of what is expected to happen,” Dr. Stewart said. “There is a possibility that some strands may get by the flu shots and there is still a possibility of getting the flu even if you get flu shot.”

Sanitize and stop the spread of germs to prevent the help cut down on spreading the flu. The best chances to keep from getting the flu is to avoid people who are coughing, avoid people who look sick, being sure to sanitize the areas you handle frequently, the telephones, the door knobs and sanitize your hands frequently so that you can minimize the flu germs.

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