eCO Savings Race, Fifth Edition: Meet Teams Cox, Graham & Grayson

(WIAT) — This year the 5th edition of the eCO Savings Race is bigger and better than ever before! We are starting off the year with eight teams. Every family has a unique story, just like you!

The first week, CBS42’s Lillian Lalo and eCo Credit Union’s Melissa Stewart introduced the Cox, Graham and Greyson families:

  1. John and Ebony Cox

“We are the type of family, where both of us are the type of people where we not only like to help ourselves, we like to help others,” said John Cox.

The eCO team is excited that this family wants to help others along their personal financial journey.

The couple has known each other since middle school. While they have grown up together, they are ready to grow financially together.

  1. Wesley and Megan Graham

“We are just normal people. We make a normal salary and we don’t have any rich family members donating money to our bank account every month. I wish we did,” laughed Wesley.

The eCO team believes that once they learn to become good stewards with their finances, it might feel like they have a rich family member donating to their bank account!

  1. Shirley Grayson

“If I’m spending frivolously and I’m just doing whatever– and I see a sale and I’m like ‘oh girlfriend!’ That’s not…I can’t do that anymore. We have to stop doing that,” Grayson said. The eCO team hopes that the discipline that she will learn throughout her financial coaching will help her, and our viewers at home, learn to overcome the temptation to spend on a whim!”

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