Ashley’s Mom Monday: Birmingham’s Children Theater tackles math and sciences

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — When you think theater, you may think costumes, characters and actors, but Birmingham’s Children Theater is showing that it is so much more.

I journeyed behind the scenes to catch the actors rehearsing for the upcoming African Tales play. There will be singing, dancing, storytelling, math and sciences.

“After each of our main stage performances, we host a theater lab for our students that come. The theater labs focus on tying the themes from the scenes into the science and technology, engineering and mathematics,” Actress Rebecca Yeager said. “Specifically for African Tales, we’re focusing on the relationship between music and dance and math. So, students will explore movement sequences, rhythm, number sequences, using dance and drumming from the show.”

There are many valuable lessons we can learn from African Tales.

“He says that he’s not going to boast any more, he’s not going to cheat anymore and he’s not going to lie anymore,” Actor Ricky Powell said about his character in African Tales. “Three things that we have to work on all the time.”

This is a play for kids of all ages.

Director Donna Edwards Todd has a personal influence that inspires her.

“I have a three year old grandson and so I’m really focusing on what it’s going to do for children,” Edwards Todd said. “This play has a lot of sophisticated themes in it, but it breaks down how to live a good life. It’s great for children and it’s good for adults.”

African Tales opens Tuesday and will run through October 8.

For details on times and dates of performances, click here.

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