The first presidential debate through the eyes of UAB political science students

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — CBS42 invited a group of UAB political science students to watch Monday night’s presidential debate at our studio.

For some of the students, things were still up in the air and opinions were mixed.

Political experts said this first presidential debate would bring in a huge audience, but for the group of UAB students they were focused on hearing real answers from both candidates. They wanted plans of action not just talk.

Some of the students already knew going into the debate who they were voting for.

“I’ve gone for a third party candidate actually,” said Brent Cane.

“I just hate that the choice that I have to make because I don’t like either particularly that much,” said Sarah Griffin.

Another student said a few minutes on the screen wasn’t enough to change his mind.

When it came to how the candidates performed, the students seemed to agree, especially when it came to Hillary Clinton.

“She’s definitely managed to spin even invalid points that trump said into things that sounded sane,” aid Caleb Hill.

“Hillary is just more, she’s better at presenting, she’s calm and collected,” said Zoya Ahmed.

Some of the students we spoke to said they were impressed with Clinton’s demeanor and her reactions to Donald Trump’s jabs.

When it came to Trump’s performance, some students said they didn’t feel like they were getting real answers.

“Trump’s not answering any of the questions, he’s kind of just targeting Hillary and making no sense,” said Ahmed.

“I need specifics, I want to know exactly what you’re going to do for our country, he’s just talking,” said Brooke Pruitt.

Another student said Trump varied between saying things that were completely untrue to saying things that were valid but too obscure for many people to recognize.

The overall thoughts of the students were that they didn’t want smoke and mirrors, they wanted real answers and solutions. That’s what they’ll be watching for in the next two debates.


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