10 Commandments monument now located in Gadsden

GADSDEN, Ala. (WIAT) — Chief Justice Roy Moore’s been in this waiting game of whether or not he’ll keep his job before. Moore was removed from office in 2003 because he refused to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Judicial Building. We wanted to know, where is that monument now?

It now sits in a hallway of The Church at Wills Creek in Gadsden. It’s feet away from where Coosa Christian students worship. How did it get here? Moore grew up in Gadsden and spent years as an Etowah County circuit judge. He was friends with the founder of Coosa Christian. So, after Moore went on a book tour with the monument, that’s where the more than 5,000 pound monument landed.

Jason Ellen, leading teaching pastor at The Church at Wills Creek, said, “We don’t have a plaque here that says it’s Judge Roy Moore’s because we look at this as the ten commandments as God’s, but we tell them the story about what the judge used it for and what brought it here.”

School administrators say it’s an excellent teaching tool. Amanda Justus, the administrator at Coosa Christian School said, “I want them to stand on their beliefs and have a firm foundation in what they believe in. So when they get out into this world with all everyone else’s opinions, that they show compassion for those beliefs, but stand firm in what they believe in.”

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