District’s small school lunches have one mom seeing red

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Yvette Platt wanted answers after seeing what her daughter was eating for lunch at Skyland Elementary School.

The 5th grade student was joined by her mother for lunch and she took a picture of the food or, in this case, the lack of food on her daughter’s tray.

On the tray was three cherry tomatoes, mixed veggies, a bread roll and beef-a-roni. To the ear it may sound like a lot, but the picture shows it was anything but.

“I happened to look at her plate when she sat down and I looked at her and said uhm Niya, that’s all,” Platt said. “She said yes mam, I just looked like you can’t be serious.”

Platt posted a picture of her daughter’s tray of food on Facebook and it went viral with more than 200 shares.

“Mixed vegetables, four little tomatoes, a roll, and what you want to call beef-a-roni? No mam,” Platt said.

“I’m almost sure Michelle Obama would want them kids to be full – either way it go – I’m almost sure she would want their meals to look eatable, so half of the teachers aren’t eating the food, so why should the students continue to eat it,” Platt continued.

She said she’s encouraging other parents to protest by packing their kid’s lunch, but she said she wants change because not all students have a means to eat.

“If this is their last meal for the day, not knowing what they have to endure going home, let them be full, that’s all,” she said.

Platt said she spoke with a board member who said he would look into it the matter, but CBS42 News independently reached out to Tuscaloosa City Schools and have not yet gotten a response.



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