One Team at a Time: Ossie Ware soccer team

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — When Kendrick Graham started the Ossie Ware soccer team last year, he knew his team wouldn’t have much equipment. What he didn’t know was that the school didn’t even have soccer goals. The kids had to shoot into car tires.

“How were we going to make it happen?” head coach Kendrick Graham said. “We didn’t make an excuse that we didn’t have any equipment. We had to be creative. We worked with what we had and it worked out for us.”
They finished third place in the league last year, with an 8-3 record and no real goals.

“I was very surprised,” Graham said. “You play teams that have the equipment you don’t have. There are fundamentals you can’t teach in order to be successful.”

Right now the kids are in the middle of football season, but they’re receiving a big surprise from Hibbett Sports, $1,000 in free equipment.

“With extra equipment we can teach the skills we need to teach,” Graham said.

And now, they don’t have to kick into tires any more.

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