Top stories on this Saturday Morning

(WIAT)– Top headlines:

-A family will say goodbye to a four year old boy shot to death while playing on his grandmother’s porch. Rodriguez Ferguson died Sunday after being shot on 31st Street in Ensley. He was caught in the crossfire while people at the home were fighting over a cellphone. Joseph Lewis is facing a murder charge in Ferguson’s death. The funeral will be held at United Apostolic Church of God at 11am.

Investigators are now interviewing the crew of the New Jersey Transit train that crashed into the Hoboken station on Thursday. The engineer, 48 year old Thomas Gallagher, is said to be cooperating with authorities. He provided a blood sample to be screened for drugs and alcohol. Investigators are looking at the train for signs of failure, including brake problems. The NTSB has also removed at least one event recorder from the train.

At least two high school students in Montana are suspended after wearing shirts to school that some people say, spread racist messages. The shirts were part of the school’s homecoming spirit week. The students wore white t-shirts with phrases like “White Power” and “White Pride” written on them. At least one of the shirts had a confederate flag painted on the front. The superintendent says the students were asked to change immediately.

Protesters hit the streets of Pasadena after a father of eight died in police custody. Officers say the man was armed with a knife and died after a struggle with police. Officers used a taser on the man after he ignored orders to drop the knife. He stopped breathing and paramedics tried to revive him. Family members identified him as Reginald Thomas. They say he had a long history of mental illness, but was not a violent person.

FBI agents executed another search warrant at the home of the man accused in last month’s bombings in New York and New Jersey. Agents were at the Elizabeth, NJ home of Ahmad Rahami last night. It’s unclear what they were searching for, but several photos were taken and at least one box was removed. Rahami faces federal charges, including using weapons of mass destruction and a destructive device.


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