Bentley: Committee is “acting absolutely unconstitutionally” by issuing subpoenas

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — We’re hearing from Governor Bentley for the first time since subpoenas went out on his impeachment investigation.

The House judiciary committee sent those subpoenas out on Friday.

They include Governor Bentley and Rebekah Mason. The governor believes the committee is acting outside its authority.

Governor Bentley believes that the committee voted to give themselves subpoena power — a power that he says doesn’t come from the constitution.

He made these comments today after announcing his gaming advisory council. Bentley told reporters that he is cooperating with the committee.

His office has sent over 1600 pages of documents so far. The governor believe the committee should have everything they need for a reasonable investigation.

But the subpoena power voted on last week has him worried.

“This should be frightening to the people of this state that a that a committee of the legislature has more power than prosecutors do in the Attorney General’s office, because even if I appointed a special prosecutor or even if the attorney general does this they have to carry this before a grand jury to get subpoenas,” Bentley explained. “So, this is a frightening thing for the people of this state.”

Governor Bentley says they also turned over some 35,000 pages of documents to the ethics commission last month.

He says the committee is “acting absolutely unconstitutionally” by issuing subpoenas.

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