Drought affecting water level at Lake Purdy

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The ongoing drought is having a big effect on Lake Purdy. Because of the water level, workers have had to move the boat ramps further down so that the boats can get out.

Rich Richardson rents boats at Lake Purdy. He says in June the water level was at the light pole.

“Right there is usually full pool, you want to measure it off–we are talking 40 or 50 yards from that light pole to where water level is,” said Richardson.lightpole-at-lake-purdy

Richardson says the vertical in the channel has dropped about 11 feet. He says it’s a combination of the drought and Birmingham Water Works using the water. He says they are still renting pontoons and other boats.

“I try to explain go here, don’t go there go, so they tear up everything and I have to go get them,” said Richardson.

Ben Warner says he used to come to Cox Creek to fish, which runs into Lake Purdy.

“This area right here where we are standing right now I would be well under water it’s usually 8-10 feet underwater, today we saw deer tracks,” said Warner.

Warner says he has not those water levels in the area for about a year and half.

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