The ēCO Savings Race: Wright family update

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – At this point in the eCo Savings Race, we have briefly met all of the eight teams participating. But now, we are going to dig deeper and learn about the struggles and triumphs each team is going through.

Today, we talk with the Wright family. This couple exudes joy and gratefulness for being part of this journey. See how their experiences can help you with your personal finances:

“One of the biggest goals is not going to eat out…. Um, for the duration of the race,” Kenyonia Wright explained.

Sounds like a bitter pill to swallow, but the Wrights are up for the challenge. With six extra helping hands, this couple always have a support team.

“My kids are my weakness so whatever their needs are, I try to accommodate those,” she said. “I love them, so, yeah, I’m getting emotional.”

That’s why it was hard for Kenyonia to accept the fact that her daughters wanted to give up dance lessons as a way to help save money.

“For them to give up something, it makes me proud and it’s important for me and my wife for them to be here with us,” Randel said.

“But I told him when y’all go back next year we’re not gonna have debt,” Kenyonia said.

With both the children and parents making big financial sacrifices, it won’t be long before we see the Wrights accomplishing all of their financial goals.

For everyone at home, the Wrights recommend consolidating as much debt as you can.

“If you put all those payments into one, it just makes one interest-rate,” Kenyonia said.

“So we will save us some money overall and that will hopefully get started pretty soon,” Randel said.

An additional “eCo take away tip of the day” provided by the Wright’s coaches is to include the kids. By opening a Kirby Kangaroo or CU Succeed account for your kids, you allow them to learn the importance of saving early on. eCo even pays $5 on all A and B report cards each nine weeks, making it even sweeter to save.

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