Family says Wells Fargo foreclosed on late veterans home without warning

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The family of a war veteran who passed away in 2014, claims Wells Fargo Bank foreclosed on their family member’s home without warning.

Disabled war veteran Jimmie Collins passed away in 2014. The family’s attorney, Richard Rice, tells CBS42 News that shortly after that, the family contacted Wells Fargo about the news of his passing, and asked that they continue deducting the monthly payments to avoid problems with the mortgage. According to the family, soon after the bank got the news, they stopped accepting payments from the family and allowed the home to go into default.

Here is Wells Fargo’s response to CBS42 about the foreclosure:

“Mr. Collins’ situation is unfortunate.  Regrettably, due to the status of Mr. Collins’ estate at the time of his death, there were no parties authorized to communicate on his behalf or handle his financial affairs until after the foreclosure sale was completed.   We do everything we can to help our customers avoid foreclosure and view it as a last resort.”

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