UA student suspended after reportedly threatening African-American student

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A University of Alabama student has been suspended and removed from campus after the student allegedly posted racial comments and threats towards an African American UA student on social media.

Jamal Commander, the target of the posts, has a lot of questions. The UA engineering student wants to know why a pre-law student called him racial slurs and threatened to kill him on social media

“I would ask him why did he say that. What made that hate brew up in him. What has he been into that would make him hate somebody,” Commander said.

Commander calls the episode racially motivated, and says it’s a result of him supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign. During Alabama’s game last Saturday, 20 UA students sat during the national anthem. When Jamal supported the movement on Twitter, the other student began directing racially charged comments toward him.

“Whether its expulsion or suspension. Not sure what will happen but I would like to see some kind of consequences and action taken. He needs to face punishment for his actions.  What he did was uncalled for” Commander said before the university announced it would be suspending the student.

Dwyer Freeman and Teryn Shipman both protested at the Alabama football game. They say the suspension is not strong enough punishment.

“He should absolutely be expelled. You just don’t talk to people like that, you should not believe things like that. You should not think these things are ok to say. It is disgusting and it absolutely makes me mad,” Freeman said.

Shipman agrees.

“I think he should be expelled and I am sick of people getting slaps on the wrists for being racist and doing things that are wrong,” Shipman explained.

Jamal Commander says he received an apology from the pre-law student.

“He did issue me an apology, but I don’t accept the apology after you stated what you stated. His mother also reached out to me and said, ‘this is not my son, this is not how I raised my son,’–so on and so forth,” Commander said.

There is no word from the university on how long the student will be suspended or when he can return to campus.

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