Birmingham Water Works issues Stage 2 Drought Advisory

BIRMINGHAM, ALA (WIAT)- The ongoing drought is causing Birmingham Water Works Board to issue a Stage 2 drought advisory.

The Stage two advisory is voluntary but they are asking people to cut back on water usage by only watering their lawns twice a week.

Water consumption is up significantly for this time of year. The water works says people are using 15 million more gallons daily than usual for this time of year.

“We believe the increase in water usage is due to outdoor usage such as grass water,” said Darryl Jones with Birmingham Water Works.

Birmingham Water Works gets it water from 4 different water sheds in Blount County, Cullman County, and Walker County. They also get water from Lake Purdy which is 15 feet lower than normal.

“That is the lowest right now and that is driving us into stage two,” said Jones.

It’s not mandatory but they are asking you not to water between 8a-m and 8p-m.

They request customers with even addresses water their lawns on Monday’s and Thursdays, and those with odd numbers on Tuesday and Friday’s.

Natalie Johnson likes to keep her plants and her lawn in good shape, but also plans to follow the advisory.

“I think normally in general it’s important to conserve water but especially during the drought because we need to make sure we have enough water we don’t know when it’s going to start raining again,” said Johnson.

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