One Class at a Time: Wilsonville Elementary

WILSONVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Mrs. Michelle Griswold was practically speechless when the CBS 42 team, and the kids at Wilsonville Elementary, surprised her with a $1,000 check on Tuesday afternoon.

Griswold, or Mrs. Grizzy her students call her, teaches a gifted program. She is starting to work with her students in the subject of computer science.

“I went to a workshop, and the man explained that there are tons of computer science jobs sitting available right now in Alabama because we don’t have qualified people. And the starting salary for someone in computer science is double the average wage in Alabama. So it really could change some of their lives,” said Griswold.

She says learning about computer science will help every student, regardless of what they choose to do later in life.

“It doesn’t matter what you grow up to be. When you get older, you’re going to be using a computer. Everything uses computers. So if you can marry your passion with computers, then you have an advantage,” Griswold said.

The $1,000 grant will help buy four robots for her classroom, and help her students gain the knowledge they can use for a lifetime.

“Right now, I am borrowing robots from other schools in our system, and it’s so much more beneficial when (my students) can have their hands on a robot and not have to share it. It’s just a lot more powerful,” said Griswold.

For Griswold, the teaching process is about much more than programming robots.

“In this classroom, you can see on the bulletin board; it says, ‘we can do hard things.’ And that is my number one goal. To teach them what to do when they meet an obstacle, not to panic or to freak out, just to accept and know that they can do hard things and they can work it out,” Griswold said.

One Class at a Time is generously sponsored by America’s First Financial, Little Caesars, and Pepsi.

If you would like to win a One Class at a Time grant, all you have to do is click here and tell us why your class deserves the money. Next week, we might stop by your school with a giant check in hand!

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