Alabama family has ties to Haiti

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — Haiti has suffered some of the worst devastation from Hurricane Matthew. CBS42 News has learned more about people in our area with connections to the country.

Beth Birchfield is a student at Samford University in Homewood. Her parents who live in Montgomery have been operating an orphanage and ministry in southwestern Haiti for 6 years now.

Beth says the country is still trying to rebuild and recover from the 2010 earthquake. Now, Hurricane Matthew has caused more devastation for everyone.

“It is really frustrating, especially when I think about how this hurricane specifically is effecting people’s lives in a way that it is taking away so much of their food and water sources,” Birchfield said. “A huge part of how Haitians survive is because of their crops and all of that was destroyed, all over the country.”

Beth says all the children and staff at the orphanage are safe and that the town avoided some of worst of the storm.

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