Miles College works toward goal of becoming Miles University

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) – Located only “minutes away and miles ahead,” Miles College was founded in 1898. For nearly 120 years, Miles College has developed into a Birmingham treasure. President George French is overseeing the most recent growth and development on campus. Most recently, new buildings have been added on campus.

“We built three buildings simultaneously. In this environment and this economic culture, it’s unheard of. The W. Clyde Williams Welcome and Admissions Center is where we have receptions for new students. They can come and learn about the college and step out on the beautiful terrace and admire the beautiful campus. And then, we built the French Center. The George T. French Student Activity Center–and I’m still alive! They named it after me! They have game rooms in there, cafeterias, Starbucks…all sorts of amenities for the students. And then we have a beautiful new Teresa E. Snorton women’s residence hall. It is state of the art. You think that you’ve walked into the Westin Hotel when you go into this beautiful facility,” French said.

Miles’ Center of Academic Excellence was designated by the Director of National Intelligence. There are only 17 national intelligence agencies in America – and Miles College is home to one of them.

“We have trained students for service in all of those agencies. We’ve taken them around the world for research and study abroad. They have gone to Italy, France, South Africa, Dubai, all around the world, expense free. And what that does is it prepares them for service in the intelligence community,” said French.

Not only does Miles College excel in academic excellence, but they also excel in sports. There was a time when Dr. French did not have any championship rings; now he has five.

“We won two SIAC championships in football, two in softball, and just won our first SIAC golf championship. So we are building a real program,” French said.

French says that he hopes Miles College will one day become Miles University.

“We have specialized accreditations. The regional accreditation is through SACS. Then we have specialized accreditations per department. So we have specialized accreditation in education, social work, and the business school. So what does that mean? Drumroll! It means that we are preparing to go to university status. So instead of having departments, we’ll have colleges. And these colleges will make up the University, Miles University. That’s where we’re going,” French said.

If you are interested in learning more about Miles College, French and his faculty welcome you to visit their beautiful campus for a tour. You can also visit for much more information.

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