Ashley’s Mom Monday: Decorating your pumpkins

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — There are so many ways to decorate your pumpkins, so I have picked out some less expensive ways to decorate pumpkins with probably some things you will find around house.

First of all: paint. You probably have some of those unused bottles off acrylic paint laying around. Just take some of this and put it in a little cup. Go to your local arts and crafts store and pick out some sponge brushes that look like circles. All you do is you dip it in your paint and give it a good turn. You will want to twist as you release and it leaves the perfect polka dot.

Another option is to spray paint your pumpkins. This is an easy way to give your pumpkin some of that pop. I would recommend if you use spray paint, let it dry for one night. You can draw black lines and connect the lines to make it look like spiders on a spider web.

Lastly, give your pumpkin some glitz and add some sparkle to it. All you need is a can of spray adhesive. Just spray it on your pumpkin any way that you want and add some glitter. You can give your pumpkin something to shine about!

Here are some examples of ways you can decorate your pumpkin:

Candy Corn Pumpkin
Candy corn Pumpkin


Pumpkin with buttons
Pumpkin with buttons


Paint pen pumpkin


Pumpkin with sequins
Pumpkin with sequins


Pumpkin with decorative tape


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