Bibb County man sentenced to 20 years after trying to run over wife, attacking her with hammer

BIBB COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A Bibb County Man has been convicted on charges of attempted murder after a 2014 incident in which he attempted to run over his wife with a loader, and then attempted to kill her with a hammer, according to a release from the court.

Carol J. Gray was standing in front of her husband’s loader, between the vehicle and a steel bed truck, on July 16, 2014 when Van Gray intentionally drove the loader forward, according to the release.

The loader knocked Carol into the truck, crushing her hip, breaking nine ribs, and causing internal damages. Van then told trying to run over Carol again, but at that time she crawled under the truck to escape.

Van then went into their house, at which time Carol dragged herself to roll down the hill to escape, however, when Van emerged from their home with the hammer she dragged herself back under the truck for protection.

According to the court documents, at this point, Carol begged Van not to kill her for the sake of their child, and promised to stay with him. Van responded by grabbing her by the throat and hitting her on the head on both temples and the crown of her head with the hammer.

Carol continued to beg and promised to stay with Van. She promised to say that the entire ordeal was an accident if he would call for her to get some help, because she was dying.

Van went to her vehicle and called 911 after making Carol to promise to say that it was an accident.

When officers arrived, Van admitted that he attempted to kill Carol because she told him two weeks earlier that she wanted a divorce and his feelings were hurt.

At the sentencing hearing on October 11, 2016, Assitant District Attorney Bryan Jones asked the Court for a sentence of 99 years but no less than 20. Van’s attorney appealed to the court for a light sentence based on no previous background of violent crime and his terminal cancer diagnosis putting his life expectancy at two years.

Van Gray spoke on his own behalf and did not express remorse for his actions, according to the document.

After deliberation, Judge Collins Pettaway sentenced Van Gray to 20 years in prison.


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